Roses, poetry and red make up for this Valentine's Day!

By | December 19, 2013

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With Valentine’s day around the corner all you love birds can feel the fresh air of love and romance! This much awaited day epitomises expression of love with a promise of togetherness. And you definitely do not want to miss the chance of looking and feeling special on this very exclusive day. To create memories for the year, you must prepare yourself well in advance. All you girls out there, get the best make up in Melbourne and adorn yourself for the lovely day.

This season get bold with red make up! Red signifies the spirit of love so you get gorgeous with red. For glossy lips choose crimson red lipstick coated with shimmering gloss to get that perfect pout. Your well manicured nails should be painted red to give a delicate look to the hands and feet. The red mouth and fingers generate a cosy feel inviting your date for a romantic time. Match the make up with shades of red in your dressing as well. Variety of red shades are available with top notch brands of make up in Melbourne.

The hair style flaunts your mood for the day. Bouncy lustrous hair with a cute nice red heart shaped pin would ooze elegance. Wavy hair emotes a poetic expression. Go for burgundy hair colour as it goes with the over all feel. Instead of using chemical dyes or other forms of hair make up in Melbourne, you can apply Indian Henna paste on hair for an hour and wash it to get appealing brown-burgundy hair colour. The speciality of this colour is that it looks great on all skin types by adding a tint of glamour.

When its about eyes, make them bespoke! Choose the best eye liner, mascara available. Select from branded stores which offer high quality of make up in Melbourne. Smoky eyes with dark eye liner adds to the sensuality. Your eyes can create magnetism. Adorn them with neutral colour in the middle clubbed with darker shade at the edges of eyes for an ethereal look. We bet your eyes would create a swoon when decked with correct make up.

Henna tattoos add funk to the over all beauty. Exquisite tattoo design drawn on the neck line, armlet or ring finger hints doting love. You can even write your partner’s name on the wrist to express your overwhelming love on this Valentine’s day. Tattoos are a perfect alternative used as a substitute for the best make up in Melbourne. Apart from all this, get lots of roses, be poetic and celebrate ‘the day of love’ for a life time memory!

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