Should I get a Tattoo on my ring finger?

By | December 17, 2013

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My husband and I are planning on getting our wedding bands tattooed on our fingers. We are already married and have wedding bands but with our work we have to remove our rings alot of the time. We thought that this method would be best then getting each others name. We don't want to jink 8 yrs. I also have a problem with losing rings being that I have to take them off at work and so forth. And my husband can't wear his much in his current job. Thanks for any input. Is this a good idea?

Theoretically it sounds all wonderful – in practice, it does not hold up well and it is something removed with laser quite frequently.

We have had many ask if cover up pieces would be in order – they come to us after a divorce or after the “ring” has faded out so badly it looks awful and there is not a lot to be done with it other than recolor it or remove it.

The hands are exposed to the sun quite a bit and people don't put enough sunscreen on their hands. The skin changes there a lot too as we age. Tattoos are forever, sadly, many marriages are not. You worried about jinxing your 8-year marriage – I would say this qualifies as a jinx to me.

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