Should I show my tattoos in my Hot Topic interview?

By | December 29, 2013

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I have an interview at Hot Topic on Tuesday and I know the majority of the workers there have visible tattoos. I have a Led Zeppelin tattoo on my left arm and a Bright Eyes tattoo on my right arm and I was wondering if I should show them or cover them in the interview? Since they're both music tattoos and it's a music store, it could benefit me, but I'm just not sure if it's unprofessional for an interview.

You need to dress appropriate for the interview for a Hot Topic interview, you still need to come across as professional. if your tats show with your outfit, that's ok. If they are covered up, that's ok.

Hot Topic is NOT going to make their hiring decision on whether you have a tat or it's a specific tat.

– Led Zeppelin is not really the Hot Topic crowd.

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