Shoulder Tattoo Design

By | December 12, 2013

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Interested in shoulder tattoo design?

body-tattoo-designs-man-shoulder-tigerFor many years tribal dragon tattoo design and tigers on the shoulders of traditional warriors was typical of ancient cultures although these designs have seen an incredible evolution over the years.

Shoulders provide an incredibly wide and ideal part of skin for tattoo designs.

Additionally, these fantastic designs are not limited to the shoulder and that enables them to be moved down to the spine and waistline regions.

Shoulder tattoos give you a great choice of layouts due to the greater accessible area.

Women and men will love to flash their fantastic tattoos at the beach or simply at the gym.

Don’t forget that shoulder will always be a good spot for great tattoo.

celtic-tattoo-designs-celtic-crossYou will find a huge choice of tattoo designs like Celtic cross tattoo designs, incredible body art, distinctive or amazing tribal design and plenty of other styles.

Tattoo design such as skull designs, tiger or bold tribal tattoo designs project a macho look.

A few years ago this kind of skull tattoo designs was common among bikers.


For romantics, designs displaying hearts or designs of love are popular and they also are with superstars.

Chinese tattoo design , Japanese tattoo designs orlettering tattoo designs with unique symbolism areshoulder tattoo design often used by women.

The infinity symbol is also often chosen for shoulder layouts.

body-tattoo-designs-woman-shoulder-1Women usually get their tattoos on the shoulder blade, while the fronts of the shoulder and along the forearm are more often the choice of men.

These spots are easily covered if needed, and a tattoo design on the shoulder looks and feels fantastic.

Women generally select much more feminine and artistic artwork for shoulder compared to those that men generally choose.

Chinese symbolsfairy tattoo designszodiac signsbutterfly tattoo designs, flowers and dolphins or star tattoo designs are extremely popular tattoo designs for women.

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