Sisterhood Tattoos – Get Your Sisterhood Tattoo Done! This is For All Those Who Love Their Sister

By | January 31, 2014

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Apart from all the large tattoos that exist in the world; sisterhood tattoo displays the beautiful relationship between two sisters or friends or any family members. It shows the deep bondage between two people and proves as a support to them. This tattoo is mostly used by the women. Many of them used these sisterhood tattoos to express their commitment with the other person and also get the tattoo done at the same time. Whether these tattoos are used by a small or a large group does not matter. They always represent the same meaning of “I belong”. There are different types of sisterhood tattoo. Few of them are explained in the following lines;

Sister Tattoos

Formal Society Sisterhood Tattoos – Many of the female groups, use the sisterhood tattoos along with 2 or 3 designs; to represent their belief and unity among the group members. Many of them use Greek letters inside the sisterhood tattoo to identify the group. Sorority names, such as Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Chi Omega are also used; for the same purpose.

Sisterhood Tattoos of motorcycle society – Female motorcycle groups have a symbol or a logo representing their beliefs, name of the group and also display their love for riding. Women known as the Biker chicks; develop a long standing relationship with the group. Thus displaying their sisterhood tattoos; on their jackets. In the fifties and sixties; there was a group called the Foxfire that used this tattoo to display their unique meaning. One piece of art, among the sisterhood; is the teardrop tattoos. These tattoos are inked on the skin under the eye; as a teardrop symbol. This is done; on the death of a sister.

Sisterhood Tattoos for Friends – Claddagh is a symbol, found in ring. It comes from the state of Ireland in United States. The symbol, displayed in this tattoo is a pair of hands holding a crowned heart. This signifies the love, friendship and the loyalty that you have for the other person. This is the most popular tattoo among best friends. Few of the combination; that works well with sisterhood tattoos are Celtic knots, symbols of duality and Japanese characters.

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