Tattoo Aftercare and Skin Care Products Formulated Specifically for Motorcyclists Introduced to Marketplace

By | December 20, 2013

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Bethpage, NY (PRWEB) March 1, 2007

After more than 30 years of motorcycle tours through some of the harshest elements, Todd November could feel the toll the rides had taken on his skin. But as he sought out treatments and remedies for wind burn and sun burn, he discovered that while there were products that could meet his needs, nothing was formulated specifically with the biker in mind. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and it wasn't long before his new company, Biker Skin Care Products, Ltd., was ready to introduce its first offerings to the US biker market.

“Our products empower riders to look and feel their best,” says November. “They allow bikers to do what they enjoy the most — ride their motorcycles for longer periods of time and later in life without having to worry about the long-term effects of being exposed to the elements. Our products were developed by bikers and for bikers.”

The first products announced on the Biker Skin Care Products website,, include Biker Tattoo Boost, a nourishing tattoo aftercare treatment, and Biker Kaboom Foot Powder, a handy cure for foot odor. All products were formulated using both biker and doctor input and contain chemical properties that specifically meet the needs of motorcycle riders.

Dr. Hal Abrahamson, a board-certified podiatrist, motorcycle enthusiast, and close friend of November oversaw the formulation process of the full line of Biker Skin Care and Biker Foot Care products. After diagnosing several motorcycle riders with unique foot conditions, he recognized the need for specialized products to treat feet that received prolonged exposure to exhaust fumes.

“Bikers take incredible care of their bikes,” explains Dr. Abrahamson. “We feel that that they should treat their skin and feet like they take care of their bikes. Unlike other products, Biker Skin Care Products and Biker Foot Care Products were developed specifically with motorcycle riders in mind.”

In addition to the company's tattoo aftercare product and foot odor product, they've introduced both Biker Sun Screen and Biker Boot Blast, a spray designed specifically for leather motorcycle boots. Three more Biker Foot Care Products and four more Biker Skin Care Products are scheduled to be introduced throughout 2007.

Biker Skin Care Products, Ltd. will have a presence at several prominent motorcycle events throughout 2007, beginning with Daytona Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida from March 1st through 11th.

To discover foot care products, effective tattoo aftercare and other skin care products designed specifically with the biker in mind, please browse Biker Skin Care Products' growing line at

About Biker Skin Care Products, Ltd.:

Biker Skin Care Products, Ltd. was founded with a simple goal: to create a line of skin care products and foot care products that enable riders to treat themselves as well as they treat their bikes. The company's growing line of products allow today's motorcycle enthusiasts to ride for longer periods of time and later in life without having to worry about the harmful elements of the road.

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