Tattoo Design Ideas for a Capricorn

By | December 19, 2013

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Anyone born between December 22nd and January 20th is the zodiac sign of Capricorn. When creating a Capricorn tattoo design, use mythology, The Tarot, and astrology to come up with unique and interesting designs.

Capricorn tattoo design ideas based on the symbol

Capricorn is the sea-goat. The symbol, or glyph, looks a bit like the letter V with a curly tail. It is supposed to symbolize the horns of a goat and the tail of a fish. Here are some tattoo design ideas based on the symbol of Capricorn:

1) Create a simple tattoo design of just the symbol of Capricorn. Make it a tribal tattoo, or add a bit of your own personality to it. A musician might add musical notes with the tattoo, or an actor might use the theater masks. Use your personality and imagination to create something all about you.

2) Turn the symbol into an actual sea-goat. It would have half the upper body of a goat, complete with long horns, and the bottom half of a fish. The tail is usually wrapped in a loop. This will make it look more like the symbol and help stress the point of the Capricorn tattoo.

Capricorn tattoo design ideas based on mythology

The story of the Capricorn is often attributed to the story of the god Pan. He was a satyr with the bottom half of a goat, complete with tail, and the upper body of a man. He had horns on his head, pointing ears, and a long beard. Pan was always chasing nymphs and trying to seduce them. Every time he chased after a nymph, the nymph would run away and end up turning into some kind of plant or tree in order to escape him.

How he became a constellation is because of his escape from the great monster named Typhon. In order to escape to safety, Pan jumped into the river, and turned himself into a sea-goat. He was later placed in the sky as the constellation Capricorn.

1) Create a tattoo of the moment Pan became the sea-goat. Have him half in the water, and that part of his body as the fish, and the other half on land, his upper body.

2) A real Romeo who is a Capricorn should just have a tattoo design of Pan himself, seducing a nymph. Make sure Pan has a rapturous look on his face, and the poor nymph trying to escape his advances.

3) Or, have a Capricorn tattoo design of Pan playing his pipes that he always carried, dancing and being joyous.

Using The Tarot to create Capricorn tattoo design ideas

Darker Capricorns will love their Tarot association. The card that represents Capricorn is The Devil. The devil on the card resembles Pan in many ways. He has long, curvy, and very sharp, horns. He has pointy ears, and a long beard. Of course, this devil looks a lot more evil than Pan would. There are two chains coming from the devil, and they are connected to one man and one woman. The chains enter into their chest. This represents how man makes their own chains because of obsessions and temptations.

1) A tattoo of this exact scene on The Devil card would be amazing. Make it as frightening as you would like. Because The Devil looks like Pan it almost includes both ideas. Add on the Capricorn symbol for added effect.

A few tidbits of interesting information for Capricorn tattoo designs

Use these bits of information based on personality and astrology as additions for Capricorn tattoos.

1) The animal associated with Capricorn is the goat. How perfect for a Capricorn of the U.S Naval Academy.

2) Capricorn’s color is brown.

3) Capricorn’s starstone is onyx.

4) Earth is Capricorn’s element.

5) Capricorn is a sun sign.


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