Tattoo is One of the Most Searched Industry on Google and Numbing Cream is Dominating the Industry by Storm

By | December 19, 2013

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California (PRWEB) November 30, 2009

Tattoo and Piercing is a fast growing industry and certainly there are products that help people avoid unnecessary pain during the painful procedure.

It is reported that there are roughly 100,000 people searching online for DrNumb numbing creamwhich is non-oily and water-based topical anesthetic cream that lasts for 3 hours and is effective in 45 minutes after application. The amazing fact about Drnumb cream is that it does not interfere with ink or skin elasticity, currently distributed out to more than 10,000 stores worldwide.

DrNumb is for anyone with low pain tolerance, and can be also used for waxing, laser clinics, piercing, tattoo removal, and permanent makeups. There is a simple fact that 95% of tattoo customers opted in to avoid pain if they were given option – reported by a leading call center that surveyed the tattoo industry.

The statistics from the survey are as following:

1. 83.3% people do not enjoy the pain during tattoo and piercing procedures.

2. 96.4% stores claimed that there are people looking for numbing creams in their stores

3. 82.5% stores claimed that EMLA topical anesthetic creams were too oily

4. 68% stores claimed that DrNumb numbing cream were highly recommended ( reasons were the product was safer, long lasting, and non-oil based cream)

Now a days, as the tattoo and piercing industry grows certainly there are more demands for products like Drnumb ( or EMLA. With safety issue and customer satisfaction, it was evident that DrNumb is a leading numbing cream manufacturer (using 100% pure lidocaine, higher quality and concentration).

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The tattoo market analysists predict the increase in the demand for numbing cream in tattoo industry and points out that Drnumb numbing cream will be one of the main tattoo supplies.

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