Tattoo Removal Companies in Hampton Roads

By | January 27, 2014

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Living in the Hampton Roads area and need to get rid of a bad, faded, or unwanted tattoo? No problem. The list below will tell you about three places where getting this kind of procedure will be a snap and you won’t have to worry about trying to hide that hideous tattoo anymore.

Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal is located at 5640 Hatteras Rd in Virginia Beach. This place is the premier place for tattoo removal as it was built just for that. Laser tattoo removal uses high tech lasers to target tattoo inks, break them down, and gradually remove them from the body. They use the best lasers in the industry, the Medlite c6, and the Infinity QS, both are q-switched, Nd:Yag Lasers that are designed specifically for tattoo removal. These laser’s are so advanced that you’ll probably walk way with no scares. There is only a 5% chance that you’ll have one. They said that depending on your tattoo that you will probably need to go through 4-6 treatments to get one fully removed. Each treatment lasts about 10-15 minutes and the cost depends on the size of the tattoo. Current prices now are $160 for 2×2, $260 for 4×4, and $360 for 6×6. A special is going on now that if you buy any five treatments you will get a 25% discount over the single treatments cost. Discounts are also available for clients doing multiple tattoos. If you are short financially for this than they can help you. Just fill out a CareCredit form and apply for their 12 month no interest financial package. Call them today at 757-383-6180 or check out their website for some info and before and after surgery shots.

Bluehorseshoe Tattoo is located at 8204 Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk. They mostly deal with doing tattoo’s and piercings but if needed they will remove your tattoo using the laser removal method. Price will vary depending on size and location. This company is very sterile and probably the top place in the area. Their artists are highly professional and you know that every time you go in you’ll be treated like a #1 customer. Their hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Check them out today at or call them at (757) 282-6672 to setup a consultation.

Hague Center for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery is located at 400 W Brambleton Ave Ste 300 in Norfolk. The Hague Center is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is Norfolk’s only private, accredited facility. They mainly deal with breast augmentation, tummy tucks, face lifts, etc, but they do have a Medi-Spa that can do anything for your skin. They’ll remove your tattoo via laser surgery and then help you get your skin back in its right state with lotions, creams, and more. Dr. Schanrr’s and Dr. Gilbert are two of the best at what they do and you will not be disappointed if you go here. You can call them up at 757-274-4000.

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