Tattoo Removal Cost – Laser Treatments

By | December 19, 2013

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The use of lasers to target, aggravate, and remove tattoo ink from the skin is an established method for effectively removing a tattoo. This article will present an overview of laser treatments, how it works, what factors effect the price when it comes to laser removal.

This method is done by targeting lasers directly at the tattoo ink. The laser is able to pass effortlessly through the upper layers of the skin in order to hit, or aggravate, the ink below the skin surface. The high energy contained within the laser works to break up the ink. The immune system of the body then kicks in and natural deals with the broken up tattoo ink, absorbing it and then disposing of it as if it were something that did not belong in the body.

During these treatments, the client will experience a level of discomfort that is different for everybody, but is generally agreed upon to be unpleasant. It is possible for pain relief medicine to be used to lessen this discomfort. Additionally, many clinics provide instant relief by targeting the same area being treated with lasers with concentrated, cold air.

Tattoo removal cost is an expense to consider when wanting to have a tattoo removed. Laser treatments are not cheap; however, they are very effective and leave little risk of scarring or damage to the skin, which cannot be said for many other methods that cost less.

There are many factors effecting the overall price of these treatments. Factors effecting the laser removal cost are the size of the tattoo, the colors of tattooing ink, the quality and type of tattoo ink used, and the tattoos age. Another factor is how deep the tattoo ink was placed into the skin. This is usually only a problem if the tattoo was performed by a novice who accidentally placed the tattooing ink deeper than he or she should have.

How much does it cost then to use laser treatments? Taking all these factors together, it means that without a proper consultation with a laser clinic, it is impossible to quote a cost for tattoo removal. However, a “ball park” estimate usually goes anywhere from $300 to $2,000, with most medium size tattoos falling somewhere down the middle of that price range. Individuals seeking to have a tattoo removed can save a lot of unnecessary research – and perhaps avoid getting ripped off using low quality, over the counter removal methods – by directly meeting with a laser tattoo removal specialist and having them quote a price for their specific tattoo.

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