Announces Free Premiere Accounts for Tattoo Industry Professionals

By | December 19, 2013

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Denver, Colo (PRWEB) July 13, 2006

tattoo designs (RSS Feed List ), the largest online source for tattoo designs, announced the release of Premiere Accounts (TFPA), a unique way for professionals to provide their clients access to’s 12,000 + tattoo flash designs for free and purchase the designs at a 25% discount. has the largest selection of top quality tattoo designs available anywhere online, and the parent company,, LLC (RSS Feed List ) is now working directly with tattoo studios to bring the latest technologies into their lobbies. employs a state-of-the art search engine that allows users to easily access enormous selections of tattoo designs by many well-known artists, like Edward Lee, Guy Aitchison, Spider Webb, Terri Fox, Joe Butt, Demon Dean, and the Cherry Creek artist team. Once a design is found and paid for, it can be immediately downloaded and printed complete with the line drawing (aka “stencil”) a tattooist needs to apply the artwork to skin. After a design is purchased, the studio can access it for future use any time at no additional charge through their own TFPA “Online Design Library”.

A TFPA gives tattoo studios and professionals a competitive edge over tattoo shops that have only traditional printed flash because customers are more likely to get tattooed if they find the design they like at the studio. Studies have shown only 5% of people will get tattooed who walk into a studio and don’t find their first choice tattoo design. TFPA gives the remaining 95% over 12,000 more options when searching for their perfect designs. Mike O’Neil, Owner of Main Street Tattoo in Longmont, Colorado has seen this type of business growth since his studio created a TFPA. “We have a bunch of flash on the walls, but ever since we got hooked up with a Tattoo Finder Premiere Account, customers don’t walk out the door so quickly because they aren’t limited to only what’s on the walls. has so many designs that my customers almost always end up finding the perfect one, or even something close that we can modify and customize. Running Tattoo Finder keeps customers in the shop longer, and that generally leads to more business.”

A TFPA is a free upgrade from a standard account, and is exclusively offered to tattoo industry professionals providing top level discounts on design purchases to tattooists and their customers. Premiere Accounts can increase business at a studio by offering numerous competitive advantages, and a TFPA operates under several different flexible business models to best fit a shop’s needs. A TFPA provides customers the ability to purchase tattoo designs through a studio’s Account, and the shop can then store the image in their own Online Design Library and access it again for future use at no additional charge (essentially allowing customers to pay for a shop’s flash). It is also a low-overhead solution for smaller studios or new studios that have either limited wall space or limited cash resources. Running a TFPA in a studio lobby only requires a computer with access to the Internet, and a printer. A TFPA allows studios more flexibility and profit potential because they can either have the customer pay for the design, purchase the design as an investment like they would traditional tattoo flash, or work the cost of a design into the price of the tattoo. gathers accurate real-time, Internet-based data on the design trends and customer behaviors, meaning they are literally experts in the field of “what’s hot now” in the tattoo industry. According to Lou Bardach, Managing Partner of, “We believe is providing an important step in the future of tattooing. The generation that’s getting tattooed today grew up in the information and computer age and they are completely comfortable searching online to find their perfect tattoo designs. Whether customers are looking for butterfly tattoos, tribal tattoos, or some other new trend in designs, we track what users are looking for and constantly update the site to insure the hottest designs are available. The TFPA allows studios to access our search engine online and provide their customers with a substantial variety of designs at discounted prices and at potentially no cost to the shop. We have seen this work as a win-win situation for studios and customers alike.” is an Internet-based company located in Denver, Colorado owned by Lou Bardach, Rachael Bardach, Brett O’Connor, and Brad Hutchison. Lou, Brett and Brad have worked in the Internet applications development, graphic design and online marketing fields since the mid 1990’s and Rachael has been tattooing for 15 years. The website was launched in January, 2003 and members of this team have been selling tattoo flash since the early 1990’s.

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