Tattoos – Dealing With the Pain

By | December 28, 2013

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No matter what anyone might tell you, you can never predict how much pain you’ll endure when having a tattoo done. If you start out determined and the correct frame of mind, it might not be as painful as you had anticipated. However, if you come into the tattoo parlor half scared to death, the pain can become a real possibility.

"Love" & "Pain" Ambigram

Tattoos require the piercing of the skin layer, that involves a certain amount of pain offhand. The tattoo’s size, whether big or small or wherever it might be on your body, makes no difference, you can anticipate a certain amount of pain. The amount of pain you perceive though, is all related to your tolerance level. If your tolerance to level is high, you may not feel much pain at all during the session.

When having a tattoo done, the needles will perforate the skin at a very quick rate and at different depths. Most of the pain comes from the outer edge of the tattoo, as the needles create the typical black outline that makes it stand out. This is the deepest part of a tattoo and must be done carefully so that it turns out correctly. The shaded part of the tattoo is not very painful, dependent upon the depth of penetration and the desired effect.

Usually, the pain you perceive is akin to a light burning or scratching sensation. If the tattoo is placed in an area where bone is close to the skin, such as the wrist, you may feel a little more discomfort. Areas including the arms and thighs, are less susceptible to pain. These areas have more skin tissue and muscle, reducing the amount of pain you may feel.

Although some pain can be anticipated, there are different ways to reduce it. Here are some pointers that will help you cope with the pain. Stay away from alcohol and drugs prior to getting a tattoo. Doing so will thin your blood and increase bleeding. Find a tattoo artist you trust and are comfortable being with. Having trust in your tattoo artist can reduce the amount of pain you perceive.

Be determined when you go to the tattoo studio. Accept that tattoos are a rather lengthy process. Creating quality tattoos is an art form, therefore should not be hurried. If the pain becomes unbearable, let your tattoo artist in on it right away. He should allow you to take a small time-out, or stop and return later. You can have him do the tattoo in several sessions or sittings as tattoos don’t need to done all at once.

Music can help you relax. This way, you can let your mind wander and concentrate on something else. So, yes tattoos are a little painful, but if you’re determined to get one, you shouldn’t let it deter you.

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