Tennessee Based Cosmetic Center Announces New Tattoo Removal Website

By | January 29, 2014

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Brentwood, Tennessee (PRWEB) June 30, 2013

NuBody Concepts based in Memphis Tennessee and Brentwood Tennessee recently launched http://www.tattzapper.com their newest website featuring tattoo ink removal.

“We are excited to launch this newest body enhancing website. Tattoo ink removal is becoming more popular with both men and women. As we age and the elasticity of our skin changes, it can severely affect the look of tattoos. Year after year men and women desire a more youthful look and with aging and the loss of skin elasticity tattoos can get distorted and eventually be an eye-sore,” explains Dr. Trey Emerson, Cosmetic Doctor at NuBody Concepts.

Emerson adds “We decided to launch http://www.tattzapper.com as a way to educate consumers about tattoo ink removal and to let them know it is possible to totally get rid of the ink from your skin. There are certain colors however that are more challenging to remove such as white, blue and green tattoo ink. With our three laser technology, we remove tattoo ink and target those more difficult colors and have a high success rate of removal.”

NuBody Concepts offers a wide variety of body enhancing procedures in Tennessee. Their cosmetic doctors are well seasoned at tightening and firming the skin on the face, hands, buttocks, breasts, thighs and stomach areas of the body.

In addition to now offering tattoo ink removal, the doctors at NuBody Concepts also offer AquaLipo, a water assisted liposuction process; WaveSculpt, a body contouring process to reduce wrinkles and remove unwanted fat pockets. Other popular cosmetic treatments include NaturalFill for the buttocks, breasts, face and hand rejuvenation. NaturalFill allows patients to use their own natural body fat to lift, shape and augment body areas for a smoother, more natural long lasting look.

NuBody Concepts also offers Botox and DOT Therapy for the face. “Sun damage is so prevalent in our society. Fine lines and wrinkles are a result of the aging process and from years in the sun. Both the DOT Therapy and Botox Treatments can reverse the wrinkled look and transform a patient’s face to a more youthful, fresh look without the lines and wrinkles. I hear so often that patients have tried several different over the counter creams and moisturizers for the face with the hopes of reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. Patients are finding the Botox and DOT Therapy treatments to be more effective and successful in giving them the look they desire,” states Emerson.

Emerson adds “Now with our Tattoo Ink Removal body procedure, we can further help men and women to improve their self image. Studies have shown that when people feel good about their appearance they tend to have a more positive self esteem and generally excel professionally and personally, they are overall a happier person. This positive aura can really enhance a person’s overall character. It’s gratifying for me to see a patient before a body enhancing procedure then weeks later for a follow up appointment. Patient satisfaction is so rewarding for all of our body contouring staff.”

For more information on how the cosmetic doctors at NuBody Concepts in Tennessee remove tattoo ink, men and women are encouraged to visit tattzapper.com. On this new website men and women will learn how the power of a laser will get rid of tattoo ink forever. Tattoo ink removal is offered at both NuBody Concepts cosmetic surgery centers in Brentwood, Tennessee and Memphis, Tennessee.

For more information about tattoo ink removal (http://www.tattzapper.com) or any of their other cosmetic procedures for the breasts, face, buttocks, stomach, thighs and hands, men and women are encouraged to call 615-866-2240 for NuBody Concepts of Brentwood. For NuBody Concepts of Memphis interested candidates are asked to call 901- 969-3700. Cosmetic and body enhancing procedures are performed Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am – 5pm.

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