The Best Tattoo Ink Colors to Prevent Fading

By | January 24, 2014

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What are the best colors of ink to get if you want a tattoo that will last a long time? Even with proper care (like wearing sunscreen on the tattoo and always keeping it moisturized), some colors will fade more quickly over time, leaving your tattoo looking dull, faded, and blurred. Here are the best ink colors for a tattoo that will help your tattoo last for a very long time and still stay as fresh-looking as possible.

Black is the tattoo color that fades the least quickly and lasts the longest over time without touch ups. Black is the choice color for most clients for borders and outlines, and often people just want black as their main tattoo entirely.Gray holds out almost as well as black does, and black and gray tattoos are so popular in part because these are the colors that hold out the longest, while still providing brilliant shading without too much color added.
This doesn’t mean you can’t choose color as well. Red and pink fade more gradually than other colors, say, green and yellow. If you want a truly bright tattoo for a long time, a bright magenta pink may be recommended to you, and a bright red for roses and such tend to hold out longer over time. Just be sure that you are not allergic to the pink or red dyes prior to getting these colors in your tattoo.

Blues and purples, in particularly darker shades (rather than pastels) tend to hold their own as well, when it comes to fading. Your tattoo artist may recommend to you going for darker shades of pinks, purples, and blues if your concern is a colored tattoo that you want to last for quite a while without touch ups. Turquoise and violet last beautifully over time.

The worst colors in tattoos when it comes to fading are white, yellow, and green. These colors may start out vibrant, but give way and fade the most quickly over time and require the most touch ups overall. If you want a tattoo that will not fade significantly over time, try to avoid these particular colors. Your tattoo artist can alert you to the best variances of these colors to try if you want to incorporate them into your tattoo.

As always, keeping your tattoo moisturized and always wearing sunscreen on it to protect it from sunlight is the best way to protect any tattoo that you have, whatever color it may be. If you take care of your tattoo, it should last many years before needing to be touched up, which can be easily done at your favored tattoo artist shop, often without a fee.


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