The Tattoo Sourcebook: Pairs with HarperCollins to Showcase Leading Tattoo-Friendly Artwork

By | December 24, 2013

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Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 29, 2008

The Tattoo Sourcebook (TSB) brings tattoo-friendly artwork to glossy pages, along with contributions and commentary from famed flash artists and tattooists like Guy Aitchison, Friday Jones, Lyle Tuttle and Rand Johnson. Showcasing the work of over 40 world-class flash artists and providing an introductory Tattoos-101 education for the ink newbie, the TSB is the best bookshelf resource for high quality tattoo design reference. A compendium of nearly 2,000 images of all sizes and styles, the TSB is the largest collection of high-quality tattoo artwork ever published in book format. It will see a U.S. release this September at The Denver Tattoo Convention: Museum of Skin (Sept. 19-21) with a weekend of events to kick-off the release, including The Artwork Exposed Party and Hottest Inked Body contest, hosted at Beta Nightclub (Sept. 19). A U.K. release of the Tattoo Sourcebook follows in October.

This first publishing project of, Barnes & Noble and HarperCollins simultaneously fills a gap in the marketplace and honors a long tradition of tattoo artistry. Flash (the industry name for tattoo-friendly artwork) was traditionally found in carnival set-ups and on the walls of studios. Ink seekers were offered a limited collection of tattoo designs and dealt with the pressure of choosing one and getting inked on the spot. pioneered the single tattoo design sales model with one of the largest and highest quality online collections of tattoo art in the world. Now with first-rate, tattoo-friendly artwork available at your local Barnes & Noble, tattoo admirers can take their time in the design search and access thousands of images at a very affordable price.

“There are lengthy books on tattoo history and a few that feature various photos of people proudly displaying their already-inked appendages,” says Jeannine Dillon, senior editor at HarperCollins, “But what I really wanted was a book that showed the designs before they hit skin. I wanted a book that re-created the experience of being in a tattoo studio, but with more design variety and less pressure. was best to fill that gap, what with their huge stock of online designs, categories that are easy to search and art that is beyond amazing.”

The artwork found in The Tattoo Sourcebook was chosen based on a wealth of design popularity trends data collected by since 2003 and, with 32 different genres of artwork — everything from vintage-inspired old school to the modern tribal designs — readers will be sure to find inspiration for their next tattoo.

“When HarperCollins approached TattooFinder and suggested we create a book like this, we knew we had a lot to offer,” says Lou Bardach, managing partner and contributing editor to the Tattoo Sourcebook. “We've been in touch for many years with tattooists, flash artists, tattoo advocates and fanatics worldwide — many who contributed to the book — and we've been gathering some of the best tattoo-friendly artwork for a long time. Coordinating the creation of this book was a momentous project and we couldn't be more pleased with the end outcome.”

Additionally, TSB readers can visit to browse their online collection of an additional 22,000 tattoo-friendly designs, and get a 15% discount on any purchase. The online purchase provides hi-resolution artwork and stencils (the “blueprint” the tattooist needs to do the tattoo, not included in the book) for immediate download. Purchases also provide access to the “Print Utility,” allowing customers to manipulate and “try-on” unlimited design prints and download the tattoo stencil their tattooist will need to ink it. As an advocate for the tattoo consumer, TattooFinder helps create an ideal tattoo experience for the millions of people who are seeking out new body artwork.

“Growing up I always associated tattoos as being for either bikers or military vets,” says Peter Norton, Director of Publishing at Barnes & Noble. “But, walking through the streets of Manhattan, one only has to spend five minutes on Fifth Avenue to see that tattoos aren't just for Uncle Jimmy any more. The Tattoo Sourcebook is an incredible reference tool for artists as well as us wannabe walking art canvases. I got my first tattoo a couple of years ago at age 37, and I'm going to use this book to help develop my next one.”

For more information about the book and access to a 15% discount code to use on, visit A full media press kit is also hosted on is division of, LLC, an Internet-based company located in Denver, Colorado, owned by Lou Bardach, Rachael Bardach, Brett O'Connor and Brad Hutchison. Lou, Brett and Brad have worked in the Internet applications development, graphic design, and online marketing fields since the mid-1990s and Rachael has been tattooing since 1991. The website was launched in January 2003, and members of this team have been selling tattoo flash since the early 1990s.

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