Torture Ink Body Art Studioz Announces Their "All You Can Sit" Special

By | January 23, 2014

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Enfield, Connecticut (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Enfield tattoo shop, Torture Ink Body Art Studioz announces a $399 deal called “All You Can Sit.” It is for people wanting larger tattoo works of art at a value. The clients taking advantage of this deal no longer have to guess what their next tattoo will cost, and they will save time, as they needn’t shop around for “the best price.” As long as the client can sit in one tattoo session, the price will not increase.

“We offer this deal to our clients because we know that some of the tattoos they want are price prohibitive,” said Torture Ink Founder, John Improta. “Our goal is to have them come to us, rather than go to one of the many small, unsanitary tattoo shops, and to stay away from “mobile” tattoo artists that show up at tattoo parties. This is very dangerous. We would rather they come to us and be safe. We believe in putting out beautiful pieces of art, so we offer them an affordable price. This benefits both the client and the shop. We hope that by these clients getting the work done with this special, the visual expression they put forth will entice others to come in and let our artists work on them as well.”

The “All You Can Sit” special not only facilitates the acquisition of new body art on clients, but is also perfect for covering old tattoos that are no longer wanted, or botched by unprofessional tattoo artists. Clients are encouraged to use the tattoo session in whatever way will most benefit them. Those that have taken advantage of this new special have expressed amazement that they can get so much work and attention with this value packed offering.

Torture Ink is a well-established tattoo shop that has been in business since July of 2006. It is one of the largest tattoo shops in the country, and is one of thirty that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It is located in Enfield, Connecticut. From this location, they also serve the Hartford County, Springfield and Bridgeport areas, as well as Boston, Massachusetts. Known as the “Tattoo Authority of the Northeast,” it is right in the backyard of local residents. The Torture Ink artists have over 20 years experience, and utilize tattoo application techniques that few other artists are aware of to create the ultimate body art for their clients.

Torture Ink maintains a state of the art facility, and plans to take the business to the next level, both figurative and literally. They are undergoing physical renovations to expand the shop, and they keep up with the latest technology and techniques for tattoo and body piercing services. As an example, those who want a particular design tattooed on their body but are not sure how it will look, no longer have to guess. Torture Ink will create the design and project it onto their body and show it on a large screen television, allowing clients to see just what it will look like once completed. The guesswork is eliminated.

Torture Ink provides piercing services utilizing the most sanitary, medically safe and least rejected piercing procedures possible. They have a huge array of body jewelry available on site, and will pierce any part of the body that the client desires. It is done right at the tattoo shop.

Each of the artists at Torture Ink Body Art Studioz has at least twenty years of tattoo experience. They are the top of their field, and can create whatever it is that the client wishes. The award-winning artists are also proficient in pin striping and airbrushing. They can actually duplicate a tattoo on any surface. This means that should you wish to have your tattoo proudly displayed on your vehicle, the artists at Torture Ink can make that happen.

Torture Ink understands that not everyone works from 9 to 5, so they make their services available 24/7 for those who cannot make it in during the day. It just takes a phone call to schedule the any-hour appointment.

In order to take advantage of the “All You Can Sit” special, contact Torture Ink at 888-451-9836 to schedule an appointment.

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