Unique Foot Tattoo Design Ideas

By | December 20, 2013

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Foot tattoos are very common, especially among young women. Not only do they look great, but this is one area of the body which can be fairly easy to hide. When making the decision to get a foot tattoo, it is important to consider which tattoo is the most suitable choice. No one wants to get the same exact tattoo that everyone else has, so it is ideal to put some extra thought into what type of tattoo will be unique and special. Here are some unique foot tattoo design ideas.

Butterfly Foot Tattoo Design Ideas

Butterfly foot tattoos are very common. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many ways to spice up a butterfly so that the tattoo will be very unique. Instead of opting for the traditional monarch butterfly, why not choose another type of butterfly for the tattoo? The foot tattoo may incorporate a butterfly with flowers, rather than by itself. Also be sure to consider tribal butterfly tattoos, which have a much different appearance than a traditional butterfly tattoo. One of the unique foot tattoo design ideas for people who want a tattoo on both feet is putting half of a butterfly on each.

Unique Flower Foot Tattoo Ideas

The good thing about flower tattoos is that there are many different designs. Unless the tattoo is specifically being based off a specific tattoo design, it is very easy to have a unique flower foot tattoo created. To ensure that the flower tattoo is unique, it is ideal to choose a favorite type of flower and colors to be incorporated into the tattoo. Also decide if there should be a vine. For unique flower foot tattoo design ideas, also consider adding other elements to the tattoo. A dragonfly, butterfly, or lady bug could easily be incorporated into the flower foot tattoo design.

Personal Foot Tattoo Design Ideas

Some of the most unique foot tattoos are ones which have a very personal meaning to the person who gets it. For example, getting a child’s name or the name of a deceased parent may be ideal for some people. People who are interested in horoscopes may choose to get a zodiac sign foot tattoo. Favorite animals, lucky symbols (such as a four leafed clover or horseshoe), a favorite quote, or a pink ribbon for breast cancer survivors are just a few of the many different personal tattoo design ideas which can be very personal.

There are many unique foot tattoo design ideas to choose from. When getting a tattoo, the most important thing to remember is that it is permanent. It is not easy or inexpensive to remove a tattoo. Selecting a foot tattoo design which is both unique and meaningful can help prevent tattoo regret.

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