Vintage Halloween Images

By | January 26, 2014

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Vintage Halloween artwork adds a certain charm to the holiday. Take advantage of the free images online to enhance your decorating. Artists can incorporate the images into their artwork and enjoy a boost in sales this time of year. Scrapbookers can use the images as a backdrop or addition to the page. There is just something about the sweet paintings of the early 1900’s that draws you in.

Ellen Hattie Clapsaddle was an incredibly prolific greeting card artist. Credited with over 3,000 images, she is behind many of the vintage Halloween witches, from the innocent and sweet to the scary. Her life took all several twists and turns, ending sadly. But her work lives on. She included all the typical symbols of the season, bats, birds, black cats, pumpkins and lack cats, goblins and all the other iconic symbols of the holiday.

Check out some of her iconic Halloween designs. You can use the designs in your personal arts or crafts, or work that is for sale according to the terms of use on their site as long as no more than 5 images are used and no more than 50 of each product is produced.
It is also acceptible to use the images in e-cards, greeting cards or newsletters.

  • Dover Publications has an enormous selection of vintage Halloween images that you can use to create your own greeting cards, or copy and have blown up to make unique Halloween decorations. Throw a party and use one of the iimages for your invitations, you can even throw a retro Halloween party, inviting all the guests to come as their favorite silent movie star, or have everyone wear a vintage-looking mask.
  • Card Cow has vintage Halloween cards for sale, in addtion to a wide selection of other holidays and subjects. These are the real deal though and as such are quite pricey. But if you are looking to collect authentic antique artwork this is one place to go. By the way, if you have cards to sell and are wondering if they are worth anything; contact Card Cow for a quote.
  • Flickr has a page dedicated to vintage Halloween images that may inspire.
  • Morticia’s Morgue has a fantastic collection of postcard images, backgrounds and desktop pictures. Plus a lot of links that can help in planning your Halloween festivities.
  • Artfire and Etsy have several artisans who are creating work with vintage images that you can purchase, or be inspired by their designs.

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