What is tattoo transfer paper?

By | December 23, 2013

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Tattoo transfer paper is used to put an inked or sketched image on the skin, and it is an important part of the tattooing process. Tattoo transfer paper is the stuff that is used in creating temporary tattoos as well.


Tattoo transfer paper is similar to tracing paper. When an image is placed in the transfer paper in ink, it’s easy to duplicate the image on the skin of an individual who is getting the image tattooed. Once the image has been transferred to the individual’s skin, the tattoo artist traces over the lines with needles and ink.


The image placed onto the transfer paper must be a reverse or mirror image of the actual tattoo design, since it will be copied onto the skin by placing the paper ink-side down. This is especially important for text tattoos.


Larger images may require a slower application of tattoo ink. It may be placed onto several different pieces of tattoo transfer paper before being applied to skin. This allows larger or more complex designs to be worked on slowly.


Tattoo transfer paper allows an individual to test the location of a tattoo. He can then see if it’s placed where he wants it. Washing the ink off and reapplying the tattoo transfer paper in another place is much simpler than altering a tattoo.


It’s difficult to use tattoo transfer paper for white ink tattoos, as the ink used on the paper is usually black or purple. Tracing over this ink with the white ink can result in a tattoo that is gray.


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