What is the meaning of henna tattoos?

By | December 29, 2013

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Henna tattoos have existed in Africa and the Middle East for generations and were most often used in ceremonies. Now the popularity of henna tattoos have spread to other parts of the world, with people using it for a variety of other uses, like fashion.

What Is Henna?

Henna is a dye created from the Lawsonia plant Inermis through the process of drying the leafs and then crushing them into a dark paste, says hennatattoos.com.


The dark dye called henna is used to stain the skin when creating tattoos. The dye is temporary and lasts for a few days before naturally washing off.

Differences in Henna

Henna is generally brown, orange or burgundy in color, however there are methods used in the Middle East and Africa to turn the color black by adding adding the chemical ammonia to the dye, reports hennatattoos.com.

Safety and Henna

Using Henna in its natural state is considered generally safe for use with everyone, including pregnant women and children. According to hennatattoos.com the problems are with henna that include the chemicals -Phenyldiamine, p-Phenylenedimine, paraPhenyldiamine and paraPhenylenedimine (PPD), which are unsafe for use on humans and are often banned chemicals.

Do it Yourself?

There are kits available that make the process simple and safe for first-time users. Applying henna tattoos is not limited to licensed individuals like permanent tattoos, however it is advised that instructions included in the kits are consulted first.


Henna FAQs: HennaTattoos.com

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