What kind of tattoo should I get on my index finger?

By | December 16, 2013

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I am a woman w/no tattoos. I have always wanted one and saw the one Rhianna had that says “Shhh” written down her finger. I like it, but don't want to be a copy cat. I am Italian and would like something to represent my heritage. Any ideas?

First person has hit the nail on the head. I would love to know how often she has to get that tattoo touched up, finger tattoos especially on the side or underneath fade and blur horribly due to constant wear and tear. I guarantee she (and the two other celebrities with the exact same tattoo) will end up having it removed by laser surgery because the letters are so small, there's no way it will last long all factors considered. Not just this, but short of wearing gloves you will have no way to cover the tattoo, and you'll find that a great deal of employers will not consider employing you with such a tattoo. Even if you're in a career now in which it's acceptible, remember there is no such thing particularly in the current climate as job security. There are a huge number of areas on your body to play around with but honestly that's one I'd leave alone.

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