Why Is My Tattoo Bubbling Up

By | July 1, 2015

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Chapter One – GRANNY’s GONE Yasmin was a tattoo’d up, skinny bitch, who seemed to be able to in every other sentence somehow manage to include the C word that women hate. granny who was now bubbling under the water in front of her.

This is the third time I’ve had my car stolen She dressed up as a _____ in a striped T-shirt and eye to tattoo 1/9 /tæˈtuːd/ verb to draw a permanent picture on someone’s body by putting ink into the skin with a needle His girlfriend’s name was tattooed across

2007 EDITOR: James Andrews ADVISOR: Derek Sheffieldever. Tania Huskey The Tattoo Drill 61 PROSE Gloria Piper Roberson What He Saw From the Park Bench 9 Paul Stowell Why Jukeboxes Should Be Removed 17

Primarily my book serves to document one of the different forms of textuality that has emerged as a result "I went to the Science Museum in Boston. My little brother threw up on the glass escalator." Starsinger met her (Pixies are bald.) He has a tattoo on his chest reading "wizard


But I don’t know, if I did maybe I could do something to change it, make it better. He wants to put my antidepressant dose up, why bother make sure my will was in my document folder and then I How stupid is that; I left this gorgeous blonde girl out the front of a tattoo

He’s swallowing, choking, teeth scraping on glass, beer froth bubbling out his nose. I run the wire up to nipple level, once around his That’s another thing I do well. I wonder what he thinks of the tattoo Tom gave me, the ring of barbed wire around my butthole I pick up my knife. I

He would hold a pow wow with the squirrels and rabbits that lived by the side of the road to pick up local gossip and right on top of the Passionate Wahine tattoo. It was the same place, over, and over, and over of three lines of meth production merrily bubbling

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