Will tattoo popularity go away like Disco music?

By | December 17, 2013

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Seniors, what do you think of the current popularity of tattoos among younger people? After our generation passes on, will the younger generation have a lasting impact on the generations to come? Will a large percentage of our grandchildren, greatgrandchildren etc have tattoos? Or will tattoo popularity come and go like Disco music meaning future generations will look back and laugh at what was a brief and transient phenomenon in history?

There is a hidden epidemic of Hepatitis amongst people with tattoos. If the people who have them now get to a point where they care they will start becoming activists to protect others from maiming themselves. Then stricter laws will be set to make it more difficult for people to get tattoos.

Right now there is not set up for people to protect themselves from themselves. Some people love it when they see others out of the competition for their job. Anyone who has a tear tattooed on their face is not going to compete for a job in an office where the more positive you look the better.

I believe everything does go out of style if it is once liked. Many of us were discussing the show Big Bang Theory on here when I asked about yesterday. Who would have thought the geeks would be more fun to once than the Football heroes? Life is always changing. I never liked tattoos but I think people who have them are going to really regret having them at some point and they are going to be in trouble. I actually like Disco it's good to work out with 🙂

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