Women Tattoo Design Ideas: The Flower Tattoo and the Butterfly Tattoo

By | December 19, 2013

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Tattoos have emerged as very acceptable now a days. Getting a tattoo is a very serious decision as it will be will be with you forever. Before venturing off to the nearest tattoo parlor, consider a couple of tattoo design ideas for the perfect tattoo for a woman. How about the flower tattoo or the butterfly tattoo? Keep reading…

The Flower Tattoo

A flower tattoo is one of the most popular amongst women for a tattoo design. A flower tattoo is very timeless as well as feminine making it ideal for women. With all the different choices of a flower tattoo, which would be best for you? Consider if you want your tattoo design to really stand out or not and placement. A flower tattoo such as the growing popular hibiscus flower is usually inked with vibrant colors. A flower tattoo such as the hibiscus uses bright hues in the tattoo design such as magenta, pink, and aqua colors. A classic flower tattoo would be the rose. A rose tattoo design usually consists of dark green and a dark red for its colors. However, with a rose tattoo, the tattoo design can be made to stand out by using lighter colors to bring out the contrast; thus, making the flower tattoo more noticeable or it can be less noticeable by sticking to darker colors. Another great idea for a flower tattoo would be a cluster of flower tattoo designs surrounded by green ivy. This also works very well with lilies and hibiscus flowers. How about getting a calla lily for your tattoo design? Calla lilies are very beautiful and would be elegant in lighter colors such as pink, light purple, and light yellow.

A flower tattoo is pretty versatile when it comes to placement of a tattoo design. A flower tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body and it generally will look very nice. Some popular places to put a floral tattoo design are: the back of the neck, the lower back, the ankle, in various places on the foot, and the wrist. Where to find flower tattoo design pictures? Click this link for EveryTattoo. This site has plenty of tattoo design pictures that you can print off and take to your tattoo parlor of choice. If you need more ideas then go to Yahoo Images and type in “flower tattoo” and you will find hundreds of other ideas.

The Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are also another beautiful idea for a tattoo design for women. A butterfly tattoo offers so many options such as layout, size, and colors. A butterfly tattoo can be inked as if the butterfly is in flight, lying flat, or resting. The choice of the tattoo design is endless. A butterfly tattoo can be virtually any colors you choose. If you are considering a tattoo design that consists of a butterfly then why not have the inside inked with your favorite color? If you are a girly girl and want a butterfly then an aqua or a pretty magenta would be a nice choice for the tattoo design.

A butterfly tattoo is just like a flower tattoo is regards to versatile placement. The tattoo design can also be placed on the back of the neck, ankle, foot, lower back, and it would even look appropriate on a hip or lower stomach. Ideas for a beautiful butterfly tattoo can be found by clicking here at: TattooJoy. You can also go to Yahoo Images for butterfly tattoos by clicking here and then typing in “butterfly tattoo.” There is also an array of tattoo design images there.

Mix The Butterfly Tattoo With The Flower Tattoo

You could also go a little crazy and combine the flower tattoo with the butterfly tattoo. A tattoo design of the mixture would be of a butterfly either flying around the flower or resting on the flower. The placement for this tattoo design could be on the shoulder blade or even the lower back. Good luck with your tattoo! Just remember to follow what the tattoo artist says in care of the tattoo. The colors can fade without proper care and the site of the tattoo design can get infected.

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