Zodiac Tattoo Design – Want to Know What Do Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo Tattoos Represent?

By | December 24, 2013

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Let us see the four important zodiac tattoos namely Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo tattoos in detail:

Tattoo Magazine - June 2011

Gemini Tattoos (May 22 to June 21): It is represented in the form of a Roman twin. This means that the people having this zodiac sign; can have a dual nature. This zodiac is ruled by mercury that is green in color. These people are communicative, witty, lively, eloquent, versatile and adaptable. Their weakness includes nervousness and slyness. This design is drawn in the form of an animal that is leaning on a wolf.

Cancer Tattoos (June 22 to July 22): “The Crab” in silver color, represents the cancer sign. The positive characters of this group are; they are emotional and loving, imaginative, shrewd, cautious, protective and sympathetic. The negative traits include; moodiness, inability to leave it free and being over emotional. While tattooing; if you are not comfortable with the crab design, you can get a pearl design as tattoo; which is the sun stone of ancient days.

Leo Tattoos (July 23 to August 22): “The Lion” is the most extroverted and dominant among all the zodiac signs. The people of this group are very generous, free and warm hearted, broad-minded and expansive, very creative and enthusiastic, faithful and loving. Leos are said to be born leaders. But few points of their nature; delimits their character, a little. They have a tendency to be intolerant and dogmatic. This sign is ruled by the Sun and it is also associated with gold color.

Virgo Tattoos (August 23 to September 23): This sign represent, the Virgin; the only sign that focuses on woman. People in this group are modest and shy, practical and diligent, meticulous and reliable, intelligent and analytical. Male or female, belonging to this group: are charming. But, sometimes you can find them worrying a lot, harsh and conservative. The colors to be noted are green and dark brown.

Hope this article would have given you an insight towards the zodiac signs and their colors to be followed while tattooing. These tattoos are famous in western cultures and also among the people of this generation.

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