Zodiac Tattoo Designs

By | September 17, 2013

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Finding the Right Zodiac Tattoo Designs
is not an Easy Journey.

 Anyone with a good appreciation or love of astrology, might desire getting an appropriate zodiac tattoo designs.



Most of the people assume you will need to select the design plotted for your zodiac sign as your tattoo.

However, this is not exactly the case, because you can choose to get any design you would like inked onto your body.

Whatever sign you ultimately choose and whatever tweak of pattern, zodiac tattoo designs make wonderful choices.

However, there are a few signs that don’t automatically transfer nicely into a stylish tattoo design.

The sign of the Capricorn, is a great example of this.

The sign has a goat for its design. With the several interesting tattoo designs can come in, who would truly want a goat for a tattoo?
Capricorn Tattoos

The sign of Aquarius represents a man pouring water. Although a simple concept, the colors for this layout are extremely rich. Because of this fact, additionally, it makes a great zodiac tattoo design.

Pisces tattoo, another water sign, is rich in fish layouts. The most popular colors are purples and whites.

The ram in Aries – Aries Tattoo – Aries is the perfect tattoo option for any individual born anywhere between March 21 – April 20.


and also the bull in Taurus tattoo are actually excellent designs as well. These animals are strong in nature, and this quality is strongly shown for most designs for these zodiac tattoo designs.


Gemini tattoo, which illustrates the twins, has a unpredictable nature that it is famously known for.


Cancer tattoo, having the form of a lobster, comes with a intricate design that tattoo artists encouraged as an unique challenge.


Well the same for zodiac Leo tattoo, which has the lion for its design.


Virgo represents the virgin and is quite the preferred of many men around the world. Virgo tattoo pattern generally comes with rich shades of blue.


Of the 12 zodiac symbols, Sagittarius is the 9th one. It’s the archer in astrological zodiac symbolism. Sagittarius tattoo for individuals born between November 22 and December 21


Libra tattoo, that shows the scale, symbolizes justice. The scales will also be providing fantastic fine detail, to express the concepts of justice. Theses zodiac tattoo designs come in the color of violet, which is generally representative of rage.


As for the sign of the Scorpio, well, most of us understand how powerful the design of a scorpion can be.

Simply take a look at how intricate the design can be and how several variations it can take.

From the head of the animal itself all the way down to the tip of its tail, the Scorpio is extremely popular.

The stinger itself can be difficult to design, but this is actually a challenge that numerous tattoo artists welcome.

Zodiac tattoo designs are probably the most popular designs you can think about for your tattoo.

Just make sure to take enough time to pick which designs you would like for your own.

When you are researching for the proper zodiac tattoo designs, there are numerous options in front of you.

You will want to take into consideration what pattern you would like them in, the way you want the design represented and how you’ll tie it together on your body.

The very first thing you’ll want to take into consideration is who or what you are trying to represent.

For example, if your mom is a Gemini, how can you be sure that the Gemini twins symbol is one that ties to her both in theme and in style?

For instance, if she loves traditional fine art, you might realize that an old Gemini tattoo would certainly look wonderful, while if she’s a more spare design philosophy, you can pick the design of the Gemini which seems more like a single character or sigil.

When you’re doing your research regarding zodiac tattoo designs, you’ll find that it is easy to pick a variety of ways to go about it.

First, you have the very plain but impressive line work that represents the zodiac; the waves that represent Aquarius and the numbers that represents Cancer are two that come to mind.


You may find that you prefer to look at the constellations that the zodiac signs are drawn from, and opt to create a stellar array on your body.

You may even choose to get a very cartoonish representation of the zodiac sign, like a lovely lion for the Leo tattoo.

It’s all about your preferences and what you are wishing the tattoo to represent.

The scorpion tattoos are extremely popular for those born under this astrological sign, and allow plenty of room for creative sparkle.

When you are searching for your unique zodiac tattoo designs, you may also check out zodiacs from different countries as Mayan zodiac.

For example, while you might be an Aries in the Western zodiac, you might also often be a horse or perhaps a dog for Chinese zodiac tattoo.


The actual Eastern zodiac includes many different patterns for the twelve animals which make it up, so its possible to pick a attractive zodiac animal inked on you, or perhaps an eye-catching Chinese motif.

When you are looking for your zodiac tattoo designs, the main thing to remember is that you should not get the tattoo before you find a design that you love.


There are various tattoo designs of zodiac sign available, but make sure that you get the zodiac sign that will suit you the very best.

Make an effort to look at plenty of great zodiac tattoo designs before you make your final decision.

Just don’t be irresponsible; go ahead and take a proper period of time to be certain that you have discovered a pattern you will not regret getting afterwards.

Zodiac tattoos are perfect creations of art work and will look fantastic practically just about anywhere on your body. Zodiac tattoo designs are wonderful on your back, legs, arms, or other area of your body.

A study estimated that 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed; that’s almost one in four. Two surveys from 2003 suggested just 15% to 16% of U.S. adults had a tattoo.

There is a specific attraction and mystery linked with the tattoo.

At the same time people are in constant lookup of exclusive and original tattoo design ideas that accurately represent who they are.

By wearing a zodiac tattoo on your body it tells those you meet a bit of something about you before you even say a word.

The zodiac signs additionally have specified preferred colors which can be used in your tattoo art as well.

Determining exactly how you would like to integrate your zodiac sign into a tattoo pattern that you can be extremely pleased to wear for the rest of your life can be a very challenging task.

Many talented young artists can be commissioned to produce something just for you according to your specifications.

So don’t delay.

Take the plunge and get yourself that zodiac tattoo you have always wanted.

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